Welcome Course for Ladies

This will comprise ten weeks of ‘taster sessions’ for women with Westbury Wheelers.

There will be a weekly ride on a Saturday afternoon aimed at those who wish to have a leisurely ride with a group of like-minded women. Designed to make you feel better and fitter by the end than you do at the beginning...best kind of therapy. These rides will have a ‘leader’ and a ‘tail’ ensuring everyone is kept together and safe. Basic instruction on group riding will be given before the first ride.

This will enable people to get a taste for group riding, which when organised well is a very enjoyable experience. The course will start with shorter rides increasing gradually to ultimately end with a Green Ride. This is a 20 mile regular Saturday afternoon ride, always consisting of the same route each week at the same time. Some may then progress to riding with one of our coloured rides e.g. Yellow, Blue or even Purple! Others might decide to continue riding with a group of short distance, slower paced riders.

These rides will be open to all women for free; the only necessity will be to register as a member. This is only £17 per year, which will enable you to have all rides led by experienced riders, with the added bonus of a Tea stop after half way or sometimes at the end.

We also have a large number of supportive male members, some of whom have offered their expertise in running general maintenance demonstrations with ‘hands on’ practice.

Once you have joined the Wheelers look on the Westbury Wheelers members only page.  The above will be posted as an Event, just press ‘going’ and your place will be secured.  

STOP PRESS: This event is now FULL, however if anyone is interest there might well be another 10 week course starting in September.  If you are interested please contact me, Grace - gshephard0608@mail.com
If anyone feels they are already capable of short distances you may want to join the Wheelers anyway and join in with a Green ride on a Saturday (20 miles) or one of our regular Yellow rides on Sundays.(usually between 30-35 miles).  Please follow instructions on the Membership link here.