Visit to the Velodrome

Another very successful event for the club, bringing together as it did a nice number of willing participants, mostly velo virgins. There were seventeen riders in all, from the fresh faced 12 year old Charlie Kemp with his keeness and ever increasing participation in club activities, to our distinguished septuagenarian Peter Campbell with years of accomplished challenges under his belt and still keen for more. Not surprisingly, there were a few of us a little trepidatious which wasn’t helped by the coach seeming to focus on the negatives for quite some time. This did however sink in with all and nobody fell off, so well done and thank you Steve Marshall.

With our feet secured to the pedals, no brakes and fixed gear bikes we split into two groups and followed our instructors’ advice immutably. Riding firstly on the flat, gently moving to the black line, then blue and beyond speeding up, weaving and spinning around the track, feeling euphoric. As bikes whizzed by on the 250 metre track with its 42 degree banking at each end, unfortunately time did the same. Everybody finished with a huge smile on their faces, so keen to do it again and again....and again. Indeed Charlie Kemp is already in the waiting list for a Youth Course. Watch this space!