Rainbow Ride – 100 – 2023

Three groups set off from the Market Place on the 20th Aug, twenty-nine riders in all.

There was a Purple group, two Yellow groups and a Blue group.

The Purples split into two after a short time with a faster group forging on ahead to the coffee stop at the halfway point. The others soon arrived there too.

The Blues didn't have a cafe stop on the way but did have 5 minutes at the side of the road, while two popped into a cafe for a comfort break. That's where we picked up another couple of Wheelers who came across us purely by accident.  They continued riding with us to Cotswold Waterpark and continued until halfway back.  This made 31 riders in total.

Yellows took three coffee stops, doing extremely well with some riders who were completing their first 100 miles.  There were a couple on the Blues who completed their first 100 too.

One very heavy shower soaked the Blues and Yellows and there was a significant headwind on the return journey, but apart from this the weather was pretty perfect for a long-distance ride.

Peter Campbell, our club President, drove a support vehicle which thankfully wasn't needed.  The club is grateful for Peter's availability in case of emergencies though.

Well done to all of us on another epic Rainbow ride.