Odd Down Training Sessions

Old Down Cycle Track

After the success of previous training sessions for women at Odd Down, three more of these have now been booked with a qualified instructor from PDQ to guide us through some riding techniques. These are designed for all riders whether you are starting in the competitive field, wish to better your riding skills or simply have some fun! This is a highly subsidised event which will be restricted to 20 entrants per session in order to enable the instruction to be fully maximised. Please book your space ASAP to ensure a place. The cost is only £3 per session (£5 for non members). Personally I’m looking forward to these very much and whether you’ve been before or new to cycling they are a ‘must’ in my opinion.

Session 1 - Sat 30th March - full track -3pm-5pm
Session 2 - Sat 27th April - full track -3pm-5pm
Session 3 - Sat 8th June - half track -1pm-3pm
Session 4 - Sat 6 July - 3 - 5 pm

When paying for all dates they will then be reserved for you, however if it turns out you are unable to attend any particular date please let us know so the place can be open to someone else. Feel free to book for any or all of these dates and let me know which you are doing via email to gshephard0608@mail.com

It is essential that we have a good turn out in order for Odd Down to allow us the use of their track in the future. As the cost is so little no refunds will be given.

Payment details:
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