Ladies Club Cycling for Beginners – 2 pm 14 Sep 19

If you would like to join in with short slow rides these weekly outings could be just for you!
Come along and enjoy riding with other like-minded ladies and not only improve your riding skills but stop for a coffee too. These rides are approximately 20 miles long and will have a leader and a back marker, ensuring no one is left behind.

The plan for this next session of rides is to eventually ride without a coffee stop (maybe still have one at the end of the ride though). Also to increase our speed gently up to 13 mph so you can then ride with the regular Green group (Saturdays at 2pm) and/or with the Yellows (Sunday’s 9am).

Finally, there will be no pressure to get faster and faster only to improve confidence and progress as you see fit.

If you have done this previously or would like to give it a try for the first time, email me on

Looking forward to getting these rides back on the road once again!