Hardriders Hilly TT – 26 miles – 12 May 2019

Phew, thank goodness that went as planned in the end!  After an uncertain week regarding the U33 course and having to change last minute to U32R we’re delighted to have pulled this off with no further hitches.  Next year we intend applying for both courses early on in the proceedings so everyone will know there could be a change, however we live in hope that U33 will be clear.

The weather couldn’t have been better and Maiden Bradley Village Hall was just perfect for HQ.

I’m pleased to say there were six women entered into this event which is the most we’ve ever had.  Also the  Prize money is now inline with the men’s prize categories for the first year ever!  Our very own Kathryn Butt won her 50+ category, but unfortunately, Laura was taken ill and couldn’t compete (wishing you well Laura).

This event isn’t of course all about the Wheelers and we had phenomenal performances from everyone who competed.  Don’t forget this is a 26 mile Hilly TT, so well done everyone!

Thank you to ALL who gave up their time to help and make the event run smoothly, from  marshalls, photographer, cake makers and general helpers. Thanks also to all the Wheelers who turned up to support at the beginning. Post event some of us had a lovely little ride to Stourhead for a well deserved cuppa and chill.

BIB NO.         NAME                     TIME

25       JAMES COLEMAN            58:55
34       TONY CHAPMAN             59:13
24       ROY CARLESS                  1:02:48
31        LUKE SMITH                    1:02:53
28       FRANKIE WHITWELL      1:03:24
19       JERRY RAYNER                1:03:26
30      JAMES FRITCHLEY.          1:04:49
6        NICK BUNYARD               1:05:02
26       LEIGH PINCHEN              1:05:22
22       CHRIS BROAD-DRAKE    1:06:21
23       MIKE GIBBON                  1:06:40
8        HARRY WOODMAN         1:06:42
2        LAUREN JOHNSTONE    1:06:43
27      JOANNE JAGO                  1:07:23
32      PAUL WINCHCOMBE       1:09:36
1        ANTHONY SPRULES       1:10:11
21       CHRIS LOWE                    1:11:07
29      MATT ROBINSON             1:11:28
17       RICHARD EMERY.             1:12:49
14      ALEC JOHNSON               1:14:25
18      GRAHAM SMITH               1:17:40
16      STEPHEN CLARKE.           1:18:33
4       SIMON LINGARD.              1:21:48
9       HELEN KUHLMAN             1:21:57
11       KATHRYN BUTT                1:24:58
10      MATTHIEU CARROLL        1:33:26
113    PETER ROGERS                 1:41:20

There were a few ‘did not finish’

First female. - Lauren Johnstone
First female 40 +. Helen Kuhlman
First female 50 +. Kathryn Butt
First male. James Coleman
First male. 40 + Tony Chapman
First male 50 + Roy Carless
First male 60+. Chris Broad-Drake
First male juv. Harry Woodman
First male team 3. Westbury Wheelers - James Fritchley, Jerry Rayner, Nick Bunyard

Full results available - https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/organiser/results/race/18581
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Thanks you to Anne Clark for the photos