Open & Club Time Trial

Open Time Trial

Longbridge Deverill Time Trials

The events will start at 7 pm (sign on from 6:15) and run fortnightly (each Monday) until the beginning of September. Cost is £3 per ride.

The last ride was 10th September and the results of this and all the rides are below.

This series will include the Watercress Cup points league, and the club TT champs, which will be at the end of July.

As last year HQ will be at Simon Hurd's Watercress farm on the A350 in Longbridge Deverill.

Any offers of assistance with pushing off, timekeeping and marshalling greatly appreciated!

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Open Time Trial

[Time Trial Results]

Date :- Saturday 19th May

HQ will be Maiden Bradley Village Hall

18 volunteers required in all to include those helping with refreshments and marshals.

See here: – https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/17003

Contact number for organisers are as follows:

Grace Shephard – 07825551227 – Gracie0608@hotmail.com

Adrian Shephard – 07970369502 – adrianmshephard@gmail.com