Guidelines for Club Runs

Westbury Wheelers Constitution Rule 5k: “Prospective members may participate in a maximum of two Club rides before commitment to joining the Club is required.”

Pre-Ride Preparation

  • Ensure your membership is up to date and that you are adequately insured.
  • Carry your Westbury Wheelers membership card with personal details filled in.
  • Make sure your bicycle is roadworthy and lubricate the chain.
  • Bring 2 spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump.
  • Fit front and rear lights according to the light and/or weather conditions.
  • Bring sufficient fluids, plus energy food for longer rides.
  • Carry a mobile phone for emergencies and/or navigation.
  • Bring some cash for the café stop.
  • Wear the Westbury Wheelers club strip if possible.
  • Check the weather forecast and bring additional clothing as needed.
  • A properly fitted cycle helmet is compulsory.
  • Arrive at the start location 5 minutes before the published start time.
  • Join the group that is best suited to your experience and ability.

Ride Etiquette

  • Follow the instructions of the ride leader: your safety may depend on it.
  • Ride together as a group at all times so that no one gets left behind.
  • Riding 2 abreast is normal, but single out for narrow or busy roads and blind bends.
  • Never ride more than 2 abreast unless deliberately changing position in the line.
  • Follow the wheel in front closely; a slight offset is acceptable but do not overlap.
  • In wet or slippery conditions, allow a little more space to the next wheel.
  • Pedal smoothly and continuously: no sudden movements or changes of pace.
  • Be gentle with the brakes: slow down by sitting up and moving into the wind.
  • If standing up, do so smoothly without throwing your bike backwards.
  • Maintain momentum: ride through the top of climbs and the bottom of dips.
  • Hold your line in corners: do not swing wide or cut in.
  • When riding on the front, avoid surging, gapping or half-wheeling.
  • Where there is 2-way traffic, always keep to the left of the centre line of the road.
  • Spot and point out significant road hazards, but don’t overreact to them.
  • Use the correct hand signals and verbal warnings, and pass them along the line.
  • If you (or anyone else) are falling behind, call “half a notch” in good time.
  • In the event of a puncture or breakdown, shout “mechanical” to stop the group.
  • Answer calls of nature in a discreet location away from the road.
  • Save eating, drinking, chatting and adjusting clothing for further back in the group.

Road Manners

  • Safety is paramount at all times.
  • The maximum group size on a Westbury Wheelers club ride is 12.
  • Show unfailing consideration towards other road users.
  • Keep the group tight and focused: don’t drift off or meander.
  • Comply with the Highway Code, obeying all traffic lights, markings and signage.
  • Make your presence known to horse riders, then pass slowly with a wide berth.
  • Slow down for pedestrians, dogs, prams, children, the disabled and the elderly.
  • Never offer, react to or reciprocate with foul and abusive language or gestures.
  • Do not drop litter.