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dated: 5th July 2021


The Westbury Wheelers

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The Westbury Wheelers are a friendly cycling club with a cross-section of riders from serious to hacks and beginners so there is something for everyone including those with e-bikes.

During the summer we have regular open time trials and we also stage one of the Western Hard Riders series of time trials which attracts a large field.

There’s also a vibrant social scene with regular get-togethers and trips away.

Do join us for a trial ride called a Green Ride on Saturday at 2 pm or join by clicking the button below.

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Our Rides

The club’s mainstay rides are Sunday morning outings. Three groups (various abilities) Purple, Blue and Yellow, meeting at 08.50am in the Market Place, Westbury.

Our green rides for the beginners and those wanting a more leisurely ride start at 2pm on Saturday from Market Square.

The fast boys and girls (Purple Group) do 60 - 80 quick miles at 16 -17 mph, the Blue group usually rides 40 - 60 miles and the Yellow Group 20 - 30 miles. The Purple usually follow the same route as Blue but travel a little quicker and may add a loop in. The fastest ride is the Sunday Red Ride 65 - 80 miles. All Sunday rides stop for coffee and cake.

There’s a Wednesday morning ride (approx 30 - 40 miles) leaving the Market Place, Westbury at 9.30am. We also have mid-week evening training rides in the Winter/Summer, a Friday ride starting at midday at the pace of the slowest rider, times trials and turbo training sessions.

There’s also a vibrant social scene with regular get togethers and trips away.
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Ebikes are rapidly becoming part of the UK cycling scene and Westbury Wheelers is embracing them. An ebike may be what gets you out in the first place, removes the dread of hills or allow you to ride with your friends without fear of holding them up. If you ride an ebike, you will be welcome to join an appropriate group for a Westbury Wheelers group ride. Just fit in with the group rules and etiquette; be prepared to get on the front in a headwind.

Note: by ebike, we mean a pedal-assist restricted bike that complies with UK regulations

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