Watercress Cup explained

Watercress Cup – Allan Millard has kindly agree to sort the stats out on the Watercress cup which take place over all of our 2015 Club Time Trials.
You need to record a bench mark time that will be your first time trial of the year and then depending on how much you improve (in time) in relation to other first claim club members you’ll be rated 10 points for improving most, down to tenth place who receives 1 point. If less than 10 take part e.g. 6 take part, then the most improved scores 6 points. All volunteers who do not ride score 5 points for helping out up to a maximum of 15 points (this is a new rule for 2015 to help encourage members to get involved). Hopefully that explains it all. If you help out by pushing off and then get ride last you will not score 5 volunteer points unless you record a DNF.